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Summer is heading our way and like many...I am so excited to plan what my outdoor area is going to look like this year. In my comes during the mid summer months so I am always a little short on cash this time of year. DIY projects are my go-to for making our outdoor area shine.

I picked a project that we are in desperate need of which is outdoor dining. As luck would have it....I had a friend deliver and old high top table and chair set that anyone else would have said....send it to the recycling bin or chop it up for firewood. What I saw was potential!!

I wanted to do a mix of the new chalk paint craze that has a sort of shabby chic look along with my love of contemporary whimsy.

I started by picking out my would be amazed at the different shades of chalk paint colors that are available.

Chalk paint can be pricey BUT....they have a good variety at Walmart of all places. No offense to Walmart but I would prefer not to have to go there...but in the case of financial difficulties....go for it! To get the exact color of Peacock...I had to mix 2 shades together. Once I did that...I painted all the chairs and the legs of the table then sanded it lightly for the "antique" shabby chic look.

Next...I designed a simple but fun whimsical design for the top of the table for some "wow" factor. Make sure to add a different pattern or design to the sides under the base on the table and chairs....this just gives it more pizzazz (see polka dots in picture below) and always enhance with black and white somehow to make it fit into any decor.

I then coated it with a high gloss resin to protect it and a high gloss varnish on the legs and chairs. Adding some mixed media by putting upholstery pins on the back of the chairs (hobby lobby).....the result is a total eye catching piece of awesome outdoor furniture.

Would I leave it out in the elements without some sort of cover or umbrella?? No....but it doesn't mean you can't. It will eventually wear it down though unless you really really put some serious outdoor protect-ant on it. If you have a covered porch, gazebo or like I said...under an umbrella to minimize any weather....set up a vase and some flowers...candles of course and have succeeded in a show stopper of an outdoor dining area. I will edit this post once I have set up my whole back patio with an updated pic but for now and until the weather gets nicer....this is it. (see below pic)

I suggest you get out there and scour the thrift stores for a piece to paint!! Start small to practice and then....GO FOR IT!! What have you got to lose?!

I will be blogging on all my spring and summer projects...please feel free to contact me anytime with questions!!

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