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DYI Light-Box can make all the difference in your pics

My good friend recently took me by the hand and headed to my least favorite place on earth....Walmart. We were on a mission to make our own Light Box.

Light Boxes are used to diffuse light when photographing your artwork. I am known to be very impatient and a terrible photographer so I made it my mission to actually put some time into my photographs. After all...I work so hard to get my artwork beautiful and showroom ready....why shouldn't my pictures justify that?

Light boxes eliminate the "hot spots" or... bright spots due to a harsh angle of light. They also reduce shadows and give a solid background color which is imperative to your piece looking its best! (see photo used with light box below)

There is a YouTube video called "How to make a light box for under $10" which explains everything you will need and how to make it step by step. They claim you can build one for under $10 but we found ourselves spending about $30 to do it properly.

No big deal if it means awesome pics....these are the items you will need:

(1) Large Box (I used a 20" x 20")

Box cutters

2-3 yds of transparent fabric interfacing

1 sheet white poster board

2-3 clip on lights

packing tape


and a helper as seen in pic below

First step is tape the box on all sides except one. Then you want to cut-out the 2 sides and top leaving about 2" on each side.

Make sure you leave one side open with flaps left on!! That is your opening to take your pic and the flaps help with shadows, balance of box etc.

Then you cut the poster board length wise to fit into the width of the box and just tape the top so it slopes down. After you have it securely inside the box.... measure and cut interfacing to fit entirety of the inside of the 2 side openings and tape.

Last....cut a large piece of interfacing and tape to the top opening so top and 2 sides are covered with interfacing and when you look in....the poster board is gently there as your back drop. (top pic below: all sides done with interfacing and poster board inserted and taped/bottom pic below: top covered with interfacing and done) your box somewhere you can click the lamps onto (I used my coffee table) and cut out a space in the top/backside of box for the top lamp to clamp and start snapping pics!! (see below)

So let me show you a piece I would have normally used a photo for and then one in the Light Box. You tell me if there is a difference?!

That is the same piece!!!

Then answer the Light Box....or not to Light it worth it? I think soooo!! Please let me know if you have any questions and or comments!!

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